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Training and Development

Learnerships are work based one-year qualifications and a learner exit with a National Certificate. Our learnerships focus on skills, knowledge and attitudes to change employees’ behaviours to function effectively and with confidence in a diverse environment. Skills programmes are structured building blocks to a qualification. Employers can utilise SETA funded learnerships for both employed and unemployed learners to gain valuable work experience while they are working. The benefits of learnerships to the employers are lowering of Recruitment cost, Tax incentives and Staff retention

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Relocate Designs

Independent Skills Development Facilitator (ISDF)

KG Business Development plays a role of an Independent Skills Development Facilitator (ISDF) to conduct training needs analysis in line with the organisation’s strategic objectives. This process will highlight skills deficits in an organisation thus enabling the company to develop the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP), Pivotal Plan and Annual Training Reports (ATR) for SETA submissions.  We play a liaison role between the employer and the SETA and assist employers to apply for SETA Discretionary Grants.

Enterprise Capacitation Programme

Our methodology of enterprise development support is a combination of approaches to ensure that the emerging SMMEs and Co-Operatives experience is accelerated. We offer entrepreneurial skills, conduct one-on-one coaching and mentorship at their business premises. We offer Qualifying Entities an opportunity to secure their Enterprise Development and Supplier BBBEE Scorecard Points through training, coaching and mentoring their Beneficiaries.   Our Enterprise Capacitation Programme will improve supplier performance and thus creating an alignment between supplier and the buying Qualifying entity.

Relocate Designs
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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

People often have a lot of experience and are good at their jobs, yet they do not have the certificate to prove it. RPL is a way of recognizing informal experience gained in the workplace or within the community, i.e. recognising what a person already knows and can do to enable him/her to get entry to formal qualifications. We recognise prior learning which takes place in a variety of settings as recommended by the NQF principles. Where appropriate, we recognise such learning to accelerate learning, make judgement and credit the learner accordingly.


KG Business Development is licenced to conduct Clarity4D Personality Profiling for youth and adults to enhance personal and team communication. Everyone will have a personal report. Clarity4D is Simple, Affordable, Global, Effective

The profiles using COLOUR can be used in workshops for the following among others:

  • Personal Development
  • Team Development
  • Leadership Management Development
  • Senior Management Strategy Meetings
  • Performance Appraisal
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