Basic Entrepreneurship Skills Development (BESD) Programme

Basic Entrepreneurship Skills Development (BESD) Programme

KG has achieved a BIG Milestone!

It was this time last year in July when we launched the Emerging Entrepreneur (EE) BESD Programme, Seda being the implementer and funded by the National Skills Fund. We are twelve months into the program and our EE retention rate is overwhelmingly 95%.

The impact of the program has been phenomenal to the EEs in terms of their business and personal growth. Most EEs have shown resilience and implemented action plans to steer their businesses in the right direction as guided and mentored by their Enterprise Development Practitioners (EDPs). The impact of the BESD has manifested as follows:
• Some have increased their turnover
• Opening of new markets
• Some have opened business accounts
• Some have formalized their businesses by registering them with CIPC
• Some EEs have moved their businesses to operate in containers for visibility and more space
• One EE has secured a stand in a flea market
• Some have diversified
• Some have added new products to their range
• Some have formed partnership with others to manage big projects
• One has been subcontracted for a construction project
• Some have created employment
• Most of them have put systems and policies in place to manage HIV/AIDs in the workplace

The monthly Business Clubs have proved to be popular with EEs. We have created an opportunity for them to be our suppliers for refreshments, sound system and also to present and exhibit their products/services. We invite industry guest speakers who motivate EEs and to give them technical advice. Our guest speaker in June was Nico Mmakola from Amka Products, the Brand owners of Soft n Free. Nico addressed the hair salon EEs and others on the ‘dos and don’ts’ of customer service and hair products. Following this presentation, there was a follow up 1-day technical training by Amka where all hair salon EEs attended.

The BESD program has increased the EEs confidence, business knowledge, communication and presentation skills.

EEs addressed by the NSF representation Gideon Saul at the Business Club 23 March 2017!!


Exhibition by Petro Zweni at the Business Club 22 June 2017.

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